Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Recent News Excerpt from SEO Daily about our company

CoMergent Acquisition Group will be bought out within the month by data management firm "Strathmore Group" which provides its services to Hilton, Marriot and a few other mega hotel chains. Their President of Marketing John Park will oversee the acquisition of the Jacksonville based firm which provides Internet Marketing and SEO services to clients as big as Yahoo, and Football Fanatics. Their proprietary software based off what they call UKP Theory lies at the heart of the acquisition. This software is capable of creating millions of static SEO enhanced webpages within just a few days. Strathmore will offer this software and new marketing strategies to their existing clients and start breaking into the business they want to be in... Marketing. The 1.25 Million dollar buy out will leave President Robert Thomas as acting CEO for at least two years. Many industry insiders are watching CoMergent progress with this merger with the Strathmore group as they hope UKP Software will finally be available for purchase from the Strathmore Group who will now own the software rights. Strathmore has yet to speculate publicly on whether such licensing would be available but some close to the two companies including an ex-employee at CoMergent say a site is in the works where SEO Firms will be allowed to download the software for use on a project by project basis. In any case time will only tell what Strathmore will choose to do.
Jeffery Manco
SEO Daily

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Expanded Data Modeling and UKP SEO theory changes rapidly, understanding and knowing these changes can mean the difference between getting your site ranked and having to fund all your advertising with PPC or traditional internet marketing mediums. One thing never changes in SEO however and that's the role of the search engines. Understanding this role is the key to developing an SEO strategy that does not have to be adaptable to every change in the algorithms. The role of search engines is to provide the best possible searches for their visitors as possible. The role of SEO experts is to get their customers sites ranked on the search engines. In most cases, the roles of SEO experts and the Search Engines are diabolically opposed. Search Engines do not want their algorithms to be circumvented by crafty experts who obtain page rank for companies who seek ranking on irrelevant keywords. To circumvent these efforts, search engines create complex algorithms to weed out websites who don't belong on the search results. In a lot of cases, algorithms are designed not to provide the most relevant search results but to confound us SEO Experts. The newest example of this is Latent Semantic Indexing which can tell if site content is written naturally or optimized for the search engines. In six months most sites who have not adapted to this algorithm will lose significant page rank for their site. (UKP) Unique Keyword Pages SEO if done properly will give the search engines exactly what they want, the most relevant information to what their site actually does. In the world of the search engine algorithm "Relevant Content is King" and plenty of it at that! UKP (unique Keyword Pages) offer crawlers content that is broken down by the keyword and dedicates a fully independent webpage to each specific keyword string. We call the overall theory the Expanded Data Model. In 2006 we used this theory to develop a custom software program that generates immense amounts of independent web pages fully optimized for only one keyword string. This software generates hundreds of thousands of web pages within hours and significantly increases the amount of "Relevant Content" your site contains. This plays a significant role in your SEO efforts as now you have highly relevant and web pages for every keyword combination possible. UKP Case Study Our first client to use UKP Software was a small store in a local mall, Football Fanatics. Football Fanatics did 6 million a year in sales over 6 locations in North Florida. When we took over their online presence we implemented our UKP Software and built their website extremely deep. Within two years we had generated over 1 million web pages and obtained page rank on over 34,000 keywords. In two years we took football Fanatics from $6 million to over $128 Million in yearly revenue. Since then we have implemented our software in over 15 fortune 500 companies and several smaller E-Commerce sites. Some of our clients include, Gutter Helmet, Tire Kingdom, Interline Brands, The Florida Gators, The Jacksonville Jaguars, The Atlanta Falcons, AOL, and more than we can name here. Expanded Data Modeling Our advanced software package is more than a "one trick pony". Not only do we provide immense amounts of independent keyword pages but we also generate PPC Keywords that are designed to maximize the missteps of most PPC advertisers. You see most PPC Users never maximize on Long String Keywords. These are highly specific keywords that often use Geographic references to zero in on those customers who prefer to shop locally. This is a huge under exploited customer base for thousands of industries. Generating these long string search keywords however can be a major challenge. Our Expanded Data Modeling uses constructs of each keyword object and breaks down relationships between, function, benefits, design, and use to generate keywords that are action oriented and therefore have much higher conversion rates. Conversely, because these keywords are often never used in PPC Campaigns, they are useable at rates averaging .5c per click. This gives our clients a distinct advantage in both conversion and lowering their CPS (Cost per Sale). EDM Case Study When Tire Kingdom came to us in 2008 and hired us to manage their PPC Campaigns, they were spending 3 million a year on internet marketing. With a check in hand for 3 million we implemented the use of our EDM Software and began a PPC Campaign using "Long String Keyword Theory" and in two weeks made them back 3 million dollars. Within one year we made them $58 million dollars in sales. We improved their conversion rate from .8% to 9% and lowered their CPC (Cost per Click) from $4.54 to just .14 cents Per Click. Client Relationships We actively seek new partnerships with clients who fit into a unique set of circumstances. We generally require either and equity position in the company we help or profit sharing on your project in addition to the implementation costs of rebuilding your website using our UKP Software. Generally speaking the implantation of our software starts in the neighborhood of $20,000. However this price can be offset quite a bit if you decide to hire us to manage your PPC campaigns. To manage your PPC we take a 15% Management fee of your budget which must be a minimum of $20k a month for a minimum period of six months. Our software can generally help get your website ranked on numerous keywords within 6 months. Because our PPC campaigns are so effective we generally always pay for ourselves in the amount of money you are able to save per click and in the added revenue from higher conversion rates. If you are interested in exploring a possible relationship with us please email us at or call us at (904)647-5069. Thanks

Seven things your webpages need to show up in the search results

SEO is much like the changing seasons, every three months Google makes changes to its algorithyms and throws us SEO guys into the ringer all over again. It seems that most SEO experts focus their energies on one thing, "tricking the search engine into ranking thier sites" The key word here is "Tricking". You see most of us get the impression that Google is the enemy and that we must find ways to circumvent their defenses. In reality we must simply surrender and give Google what they really want, the most laser focused, relevant information for their visitors. You see, most of us never realize that the best way to trick the search engine is to give them what they want. As a part of our SEO strategy we simply provide the most relevant laser focused information possible. We do this by creating a static webpage for each specific keyword combination our software can muster. When someone searches for "massage therapist in jacksonville fl" we have a webpage that is completely dedicated to that specific keyword. The things each page is optimized on is listed below. Of course it would be impossible to do any of this without our software which creates thousands of pages in a few hours. You can use these suggestions on a smaller scale however to obtain ranking on some of your most valuable keywords.
1.) Page content - your page content is extreemly important, however, using heavy keyword density is becoming a thing of the past as Googles new algorythym "latent symantic Indexing" will change the keyword density index from 64/100 to about 4/100 in regards to keyword/word ratio.
2.) Title Tags - Title Tags should be the keyword your optimizing that page for.
3.) H1 Tags - H1 Tags should be the same as the keyword your optimizing that page for.
4.) Images - Tag images as the keyword your optimizing that page for.
5.) Shopping Comparisson Links - Ad links to your product listings on shopping comparisson websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Google base, Yahoo shopping and Bizrate.
6.) Enabled Shopping Cart -Each page needs to have an orderable product that is tagged with the keyword your optimizing.
7.) PDF Files - Add PDF Files to each page that are specific to the keyword your optimizing for. This is another way to get listed in another spot on the first page of the search results.