Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Recent News Excerpt from SEO Daily about our company

CoMergent Acquisition Group will be bought out within the month by data management firm "Strathmore Group" which provides its services to Hilton, Marriot and a few other mega hotel chains. Their President of Marketing John Park will oversee the acquisition of the Jacksonville based firm which provides Internet Marketing and SEO services to clients as big as Yahoo, and Football Fanatics. Their proprietary software based off what they call UKP Theory lies at the heart of the acquisition. This software is capable of creating millions of static SEO enhanced webpages within just a few days. Strathmore will offer this software and new marketing strategies to their existing clients and start breaking into the business they want to be in... Marketing. The 1.25 Million dollar buy out will leave President Robert Thomas as acting CEO for at least two years. Many industry insiders are watching CoMergent progress with this merger with the Strathmore group as they hope UKP Software will finally be available for purchase from the Strathmore Group who will now own the software rights. Strathmore has yet to speculate publicly on whether such licensing would be available but some close to the two companies including an ex-employee at CoMergent say a site is in the works where SEO Firms will be allowed to download the software for use on a project by project basis. In any case time will only tell what Strathmore will choose to do.
Jeffery Manco
SEO Daily


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