Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seven things your webpages need to show up in the search results

SEO is much like the changing seasons, every three months Google makes changes to its algorithyms and throws us SEO guys into the ringer all over again. It seems that most SEO experts focus their energies on one thing, "tricking the search engine into ranking thier sites" The key word here is "Tricking". You see most of us get the impression that Google is the enemy and that we must find ways to circumvent their defenses. In reality we must simply surrender and give Google what they really want, the most laser focused, relevant information for their visitors. You see, most of us never realize that the best way to trick the search engine is to give them what they want. As a part of our SEO strategy we simply provide the most relevant laser focused information possible. We do this by creating a static webpage for each specific keyword combination our software can muster. When someone searches for "massage therapist in jacksonville fl" we have a webpage that is completely dedicated to that specific keyword. The things each page is optimized on is listed below. Of course it would be impossible to do any of this without our software which creates thousands of pages in a few hours. You can use these suggestions on a smaller scale however to obtain ranking on some of your most valuable keywords.
1.) Page content - your page content is extreemly important, however, using heavy keyword density is becoming a thing of the past as Googles new algorythym "latent symantic Indexing" will change the keyword density index from 64/100 to about 4/100 in regards to keyword/word ratio.
2.) Title Tags - Title Tags should be the keyword your optimizing that page for.
3.) H1 Tags - H1 Tags should be the same as the keyword your optimizing that page for.
4.) Images - Tag images as the keyword your optimizing that page for.
5.) Shopping Comparisson Links - Ad links to your product listings on shopping comparisson websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Google base, Yahoo shopping and Bizrate.
6.) Enabled Shopping Cart -Each page needs to have an orderable product that is tagged with the keyword your optimizing.
7.) PDF Files - Add PDF Files to each page that are specific to the keyword your optimizing for. This is another way to get listed in another spot on the first page of the search results.

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